Hey guys!.I’m extremely sorry that i haven’t been updating frequently. I update with my phone which is not all that easy unlike when you use a laptop but very soon i would start using my laptop to update.

Lately i have been thinking of somethings which would help others know about this blogsite and a plan came up but i’m not going to tell you guys everything about the plan now till i’m totally done with it.

Please lets all try to listen to motivating and inspirational videos almost everyday if not everyday.Don’t use all your time watching funny video’s,movies…Watching inspirational video’s helps a lot and it helps in reforming us spiritually.While listening to the gospel this morning on my phone i learnt that a man is the head of the family and the woman is the neck so it is where the neck turns that the head would turn.Women are powerful lets build our self esteem.The bible explains that if you have a good wife you have a good thing and you have obtained God’s favour.Gods favour is unlimited so have a good wife with a good mind and soul,a wife who is supportive.Don’t marry a woman because of her body and don’t marry a man because of his money.Women are to be respected and not being harrased.

God ♡’s You unconditionally!!

Thank you.Bye.


God’s Love.

Happy Independence Day!!! to all Nigerians in the world.

Always remember that God had great plans for our great country Nigeria he  love’s Nigeria.We should be thankful that Nigeria is still on the world map.As Christians we should not just sit down and look down on the government because we are the government.Lets fight a good fight together in order to make Nigeria a better place

I dont know about you but as for me I still have faith in Nigeria!

Who is Jesus Christ?.

I once came across a verse in the  Bible when God was talking to we Christians that we should be ashamed that there are still people who do not him.So this question is really a good one which must be answered.

Is Jesus Christ a liar,lunatic,or the true messiah?.

Jesus Christ was a Jewish preacher and a religious performer.He is also the only begotten son of God who was sent to die for our sins so we may live to see today.

That alone shows his love for us.Now lets not deceive ourselves we know we cant die for anybody we can only say it with our mouths but we cant do it.But this great man took it upon himself to die for us.

  • Even though our faithfulness is like a filthy rag before him he still took it upon himself to die for our sins.
  • Even though when he was on earth physically people dishonoured him and spat on him he still took it upon himself to die for our sins.
  • Even though he loved his mother,father and disciples he still took it upon himself to leave them and die for unfaithful you and me.
  • Even though we do not respect him he still loves us dearly.
  • Even though we say there is no God he his still willing and ready to accept you…he forgives.
  • Even though we sin which he hates so much whenever we need someone by oursides he his always available.
  • Even though we do not respect the day which has been set aside to go to his temple and worship him he still answers our prayers.
  • Even though we do not praise or worship him or even pray to him he still keeps our lifes. 
  • Even though we question his authority he will still forgive us.
  • Even though we joke around with his name he wont stike us

The Bible is filled with many refererences to who Jesus is,his life,his lordship and what he came to do.Some of the names are:

  • Almighty one-“who is and who was and who is to come,the Almighty”Rev 1:8
  • Alpha and Omega-“I am the Alpha and the Omega,the first and the last,the beginning and the end”Rev 22:13
  • Authority-“Jesus said’All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me'”Matt 28:18
  • Chief Conerstone-“The stone which the builders rejected has now become the cheif coner stone”Ps 118:22
  • Good shepherd-“I am the good shepherd.The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep”John 10:11
  • I am-“Jesus said to them’truly,truly i say to you before Abraham was.I am”John 8:58
  • Indescribable Gift-“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift”2Cor 9:15
  • Our hope-“…Christ Jesus our hope”1Tim 1:1

Im sure all this answered your question Jesus is not a liar or a lunatic but he his the True Messiah.
Daily Bible reading:Proverbs 2.

Accept God as your personal Lord and Saviour today and worship him with all your soul.

Now that we know who Jesus Christ is.I need you guys to go to any Bible store and get a Bible.Dont just buy it read and medidate on it day and night.You can also get Prayer points handout and also Bible cards which could help you in learning “the word” faster.

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Bible Verse(Jonah chapt.2)

Many of you hear this word but i’m sure not everyone knows what this actually means.Today i’m going to tell you all(which im glad to..¤).
Salvation means:total deliverance from SIN and its consequences which  Christians believe it is gotten through Jesus Christ who died for our sins.

Jesus Christ alone has the power to save and deliver us from all our sins.But only those who  believe in him would be delivered.That is why it is very important to trust and believe in God so he can help us out and we would be saved.

  • Through Salvation we are saved by God’s grace this is so because we don’t live by the law again because we have a new life in christ we now live by God’s grace

Dont give the devil a chance by allowing him to destroy your relationship with God instead cast him away with “the word”.

  • Through Salvation we have eternal life in heaven and also God’s protection in all that we do.

We would be “Saved”because of the mercy of God which we have through salvation

  • Through Salvation old things has passed away and all things have become new! 

God has great plans for all of us but not everyone knows that this is because we have failed to realise that God loves us and by faith in him we are saved.

Now that we all know about Salvation lets make God happy by praying to him for forgiveness of our sin’s so he can accept us back in order for all of us to be rapturable on the day of judgement.

Daily Bible reading:Proverbs 1

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thank you!!!

Hello World!

wow! so glad this finally worked i have been trying to create a blog website for a while now and here we are.Now enough of the story(lol)lets move staight to knowing each other.I’m Olajiga Tinuke,am age 16,am a citizen of Nigeria and also a proud lover of God.

The main reason why i created this blogsite is to inform the world about God.The website is about bringing people to Jesus,also about  our lifestyles,things that happen to we humans and also answers to your questions about anything

This is my first time publishing so we won’t be discussing about anything today.I would like to ask you guys a question..“Do you have salvation?”.

So bye guys..Lets talk more on my next post..

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